Driving Lessons Portadown

For the complete novice, driving lessons in Portadown can be absolutely daunting. The town centre is a very busy thoroughfare, with traffic arriving from many directions. If a learner driver wishes to become confident enough to safely drive through Portadown then he or she needs to learn from a fully qualified instructor. then we will be able to teach you on various routes throughout the city.

Many of the test routes examiners will take learner drivers pass through Portadown. Most test routes will see the learner driving into the centre. There are also many places where the examiner will ask the learner driver to reverse their car around a corner, try a hill start, do an emergency brake as well as a parallel parking procedure.


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Driving Lessons Portadown

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Driving Schools Portadown

Get Started Driving School know all the test routes that examiners like to take learner drivers. During driving lessons in Portadown, the instructor will teach the learner to work at all the essential manoeuvres throughout the town especially in the exact places where the examiner will ask for the same procedures.

As the learner driver gets to grips with the different manoeuvres as well as becoming competent driving through Portadown centre the Get Started driving instructor will soon be able to let them know when they are ready to take the practical driving test

Driving Instructor Portadown

Getting the correct training from a driving instructor Portadown is essential as has many busy roads pass through through the town. The A3 road from Armagh passes through from the south west and as it comes out on Portadown's north eastern boundary the A3 becomes known as the Lurgan road.

Another busy artery entering Portadown is the A4 Dungannon road. This road enters at the northern end of the town and as it heads towards the town centre it follows the route once taken by the old Portadown - Dungannon railway line. Other busy thoroughfares that pass through Portadown are the A27 Tandragee Road and the A50 Gilford road, Both roads entering Portadown at its southern boundaries.

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Driving Lessons in Portadown centre

Driving Lessons Portadown

Like many other towns in Northern Ireland, taking driving lessons in Portadown will see the learner driver going from a busy town centre to the quiet roads of the countryside in a matter of minutes. As well as the busy 'A' roads entering and departing Portadown there are several 'B' and 'C' roads that also enter the town. Examiners have been known to avoid the town centre during busy periods and get the learner driver to take the test on the more quiet rural roads. Sometimes, the examiners will also ask to have the different car manoeuvres carried out in housing estates where the traffic levels are smaller.

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