Driving Lessons Craigavon

If you wish to take driving lessons in Craigavon, then we will be able to teach you on various routes throughout the city. There are many roads in Craigavon that are not too busy which suits learner drivers with little or no driving experience. There are several roundabouts situated in the city which will give drivers plenty of experience on how to drive around them in a correct manner.

Craigavon central also has a dual carriageway running between the towns of Lurgan and Portadown. Driving along this carriageway proves to be good practice when overtaking slower vehicles as well as learning to cope with busy traffic. There are many roundabouts along the dual carriage way enabling learners to refresh their skills in approaching these potential hazards.

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Driving Lessons Craigavon

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Driving Instructor Craigavon

Our driving instructor Craigavon base is situated a very short distance from many villages situated near the city. So, if you require driving lessons Moira, or driving lessons in Waringstown, Dollingstown or Magheralin it will be no problem. These villages are a not far from both the Lisburn and Craigavon Driver and Vehicle Test Centres. The nearest town is Lurgan which is about 2 miles from Moira and is an ideal place to practice driving in busy traffic. During driving lessons the learner driver will be taken along the various test routes from the Craigavon Test Centre. This will build up knowledge of the routes giving more confidence to our customers.

Driving School Craigavon

When taking driving lessons in Craigavon there are many 'quiet' spots in Craigavon where it is easy for learner drivers to practice the various specified manoeuvres. There are a number of housing estates in Craigavon where the traffic is very sparse so learner drivers can drill themselves in 'reversing around a corner' or parallel parking, hill starts and turn the car in the opposite direction using the forward and reverse gears. Practicing these different exercises in quiet lay-by's will give our clients confidence without being a hindrance to other road users.
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Driving Lessons Craigavon

Driving Lessons in Craigavon City

Intensive Driving Lessons Craigavon

With both the countryside and two busy towns, driving lessons in Craigavon is ideal. Within minutes of driving along quiet country roads, the learner driver can be driving through a busy city centre or town. The network of roads in and around Craigavon range from busy A roads, B roads to the narrower C roads which enable our learner drivers to experience every type of potential hazard of Northern Ireland roads.
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