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Welcome to GET STARTED DRIVING where you can obtain First Class, Comprehensive & Professional Driving Lessons from your Driving Instructor on each Driving Tuition.
Fully qualified Driving Instructor.
We SPECIALISE in coaching : Nervous 'Learners', disheartened students who have been unsuccessful on the practical test and have low morale and confidence,
We also teach the more experienced drivers who need a 'confidence boost'. Your 1-2-1 coaching will include focusing on raising your confidence and self-belief.

You CAN Pass You WILL Pass!

We also provide Intensive & Semi-Intensive Driving Lessons Courses
as well as Mock test, Confidence Booster and Refresher courses.
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Driving lessons should always be carried out by a professional driving instructor. For those who have no experience in driving it is important that a fully qualified driving instructor teaches all aspects of driving safely in a proper manner. In order to pass a driving test, learner drivers need to learn the correct procedures in a safe environment.

Driving Lessons in Craigavon and Lurgan

Driving Lessons Craigavon

Since July 1st 1996, learner drivers in Craigavon and also, in the rest of the United Kingdom must pass the theory test before being able to take the practical driving test. The theory test consists of fifty multiple choice questions.

Driving Lessons Portadown Craigavon

The pass mark is 43 out of 50 and the test has to be completed in 57 minutes. The second part of the test is the Hazard Perception test. This part contains 14 clips and the pass mark is 46 marks out of a possible 75.

If a learner driver has taken driving lessons from a qualified instructor then he / she should be prepared for this examination. Click HERE to read more about Driving Lessons in Craigavon Call : 078 73 33 56 61 or email: dermotlav@aim.com

Your Driving LIcence

A provisional licence can be applied for from the age of 17 years. After receiving the provisional licence, the learner can begin taking driving lessons. The average amount of lessons a person should take before sitting their a practical test depends on the individual's driving capabilities. It usually would take somewhere between 20 and 30 one-hour lessons for a novice to be confident to sit the practical test.

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Driving Lessons Portadown and Craigavon

The Driving test centre in Portadown, Craigavon is one of many situated in Northern Ireland. The most popular centre where GET STARTED DRIVING learner drivers take their test is in the Carn Industrial Estate, Craigavon. This test centre also covers the Lurgan, Moira and central Craigavon areas. We also tutor driving lessons in Armagh city where another Driving Test Centre is situated. There are many 'test' routes from the Craigavon test centre. Some routes can take the learner driver into Portadown town centre where, depending on the time of day, it can be very busy. As long as the learner remains calm and remembers the lessons and advice received from the driving instructor he / she had every possibility in passing first time.
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Driving Lessons Lurgan

Lurgan is a good place to take driving lessons. Its main thoroughfare can be very busy especially at the weekends. although It is natural for drivers to be very nervous on the day of their driving test. Always seek advice from your instructor. Try to remain confident but not overly so. Remember that being nervous is quite normal and it can improve performances for some people. Take deep slow breaths and slowly breath out again. Remember what the driving instructor has told you during your driving lessons. Take your time and do not try to rush things. Refer to some of our other useful tips on the booking a driving test page in this web site. to book a lesson today
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